Shea Shelton, Co-chair

Shea has worked on a wide range of development projects – from designing a reintegration program that focused on building career skills for former child combatants in Nepal, to investigating ways in which poor populations in Latin America and the Caribbean can benefit from the mass amounts of data that they generate via mobile technologies.

Shea is currently a Co-chair of Statistics for Social Good at Stanford and a member of the Biomedical Data Science Center’s Opioid Working Group. Before joining S4SG, she worked at an accelerator fund in Shanghai helping to foster the capacity of local digital health entrepreneurs. Shea is an entrepreneur in her own right. She began her career in New Orleans by co-founding Pureland, a social enterprise to raise awareness and funding for wetland restoration in Gulf cities after the devastating hurricanes of 2005.

Her research interests include substance use, injury, mental health, social epidemiology, machine learning, health disparities, public health surveillance, and causal inference methods.